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Rebuilding The Churches Where The Lord Jesus Walked and Preached


Lebanon has always been a country viewed by all as a focal point, and one can not ignore the fact that it is the birthplace of an ancient civilization and a lighthouse on the Mediterranean sea. No one can forget that the name Byblos takes us back to the birth of the alphabet. It is from this area of the Middle East that God sent his son to save all mankind, and it is here where the disciples were called Christians for the first time. You know of the close ties that make me gravitate to this BELOVED LAND, and all faithful Catholics likewise feel drawn to their brothers in this country which is dear to their heart, and to the land where Jesus Christ walked and made it holy. Dear beloved sons living in Lebanon, your ancestors were in the crowds that gathered around Jesus to hear him teach and preach. The feet of the Savior of the world touched your earth and his eyes admired it. May the vision of the Savior enlighten your way with his love and accompany your footsteps on the same land where he passed and made it holy. Be strong in Jesus.

Joannes Paulus II

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